Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Black Rose Minerals - Which Colors are Vegan, Lip-Safe, Both, or Neither?

I often see a beautiful eyeshadow, and think "that would make a gorgeous lip color," but I don't always know if a specific shade is lip-safe. So, while I was looking through  Black Rose Minerals' eyeshadow color listings, I was impressed to see that each color was labeled as to whether it was vegan and/or lip-safe, and started making lists for myself while I was working on placing an order for some samples. It is a bit cumbersome to click on every color's listing to see that information, so I asked Rosa if she thought it would be helpful to post the lists of each color type, to make it easier for customers to zero in on the vegan and/or lip-safe colors they may be looking for, & offered to make this post. These are the colors available on the site as of today, June 14, 2011 (I've noted which colors are additionally available in certain collections, as well as which colors are exclusively available in particular collections):
Upcoming lip color swatches from: Evil Shades, Venomous Cosmetics, Darling Girl Cosmetics, Dark Heart Designs, and more High Voltage Cosmetics & Morgana Cryptoria.

If anyone has any advice on how best to swatch more sheer colored glosses, please let me know in the comments. As my natural lip color varies at times, especially during a swatch series where my lips get redder each time I remove the previous color, I'm wondering if I should white-out my lips first, or if I should just swatch the sheer colors on white paper? Other ideas?
<3 MissJupiter

ETA: Somehow I left out "Starfire", which is vegan & lip-safe...& *very* pretty!  ^ᴗᴥⱷ^

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  1. Swatching sheet colors on light paper is actually a really good idea!! You can also do an arm swatch, or swatch the sheerest colors on your lips first. If you do more than one of those your readers would be able to see the difference in the color between the white paper and lips.

    I know for myself, my lips are pigmented, so colors often change in hue or vibrancy when I wear them. :)