Friday, May 20, 2011

Brief Intro & Test Post

So, I'd thought I'd try out a test post to see how well it works.

Unless you are a Zazaloff*, then it may not be obvious to you that my online name, Miss Jupiter, as well as my blog title, The Girl With The Shapely Wheels, are references to a radio comedy sketch that Stan Freberg did in 1957 on "The Stan Freberg Show."
I'm not sure how to imbed the audio player, but Miss Jupiter first appears in the 3rd episode listed here:

For those who are Deaf/HOH, my 1st YouTube video has open captions for the dialog for the original Miss Jupiter sketch (there is one mistake where Miss Jupiter, played by June Foray, says, "You know it, they're shapely, & I accidentally captioned it as "You know it, Big Boy." D'oh!) :

*"Zazaloff? What kind of nationality is that?"
"Swiss. That way we don't offend anybody."
Zazaloff = Freberg Fan

So, I am in process of trying to find a decent camera, & I hope in the near future to use [at least part of] this blog to catalog lip swatches of lip colors from indie makeup companies.
You can always tweet me @MissJupiter1957


  1. Hooray! You have a blog now! =D My captcha word was totally herped. haha

  2. Ahh! Now I get your name... totally clever! I like it - and I LOVE the blog name!
    Your package is on its way - I'm so excited to hear what you think!